Cumbuco & Taiba

Brazilian gems💎

If you are passionate kitesurfer addicted to wind and 💯% windy statistics you should visit Brazil 🇧🇷.
Brazil has kitespots all over the coast. You will never get bored cause here you can find two options — butter flat water in the lagoons or wave riding in the ocean.
Here I’ll write about my experience of visiting two most popular places — Cumbuco and Taiba.

Cumbuco was a small fisherman village that became famous kitesurfing spot worldwide because of super strong and steady winds during the season. It’s located 25 km northern from Fortaleza, only 40 minutes from airport.
Here you can kite in one lagoon with world champions! Because all of them travel to Brazil for trainings and competitions, and some of them even live just in front of the lagoon.
It’s great place for beginners and experienced riders.
In the village you can find kite shops, kite repair, many different restaurants and great accommodations hotels/pausadas for different budget.
The best way to move here is buggy or 4×4 car, than you can easy reach any lagoon that surrounded by sand.

Taiba is a small village 1,5 hours from Fortaleza airport, with taste of rustic life. For people who want focus just on kitesurfing. There is a small Taiba kite lagoon that could be crowded during the season by top riders, so you can enjoy the «show» every day. If you get bored in the lagoon you can cross the sand band and go for the waves in the ocean.
You will recognize this place cause there are lot of videos in net with best riders making crazy staff in this lagoon.
Praia de Taiba: This is the perfect spot to get into wave riding, you will always find some waves regardless of the tide. Closer to the town of Taiba, towards the east you will find one of the best wave spots in the whole northeast of Brazil with 2m – 3m waves depending on the swell.

Season: August — December.
Kite sizes: 9&12 m (male), 7&10 meters (female).
Wind: all day steady and smooth side shore, 18-26 knots.
Riding area & conditions: two lagoons with butter flat water Tabuba and Cauipe kite lagoons, wave riding in Praia de Cumbuco. Kite beaches wide and sandy.
Weather: 28°C -38°C all year around, water 26°C-28°C.
Wetsuits: forget about it!)

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