HuaHin & Pak Nam Pran


If you are in Thailand you can try to catch the wind during the winter season (November — March) in Hua Hin.
Hua Hin is urbanized town on the West coast of Siam gulf. It’s totally different from other touristic places in Thailand.
Hua Hin known as light wind destination, so it’s a good chance to learn something new like hydrofoil or parafoil, cause here no corals, rocks, deep enough. Here wind changing direction during the season once. In the beginning of the season till the end of December it blows from North, than in January it starting to turn and blows from the South. It’s also affects on the waves, tides and beach area.  Opposite situation with the South wind — flat water, low tides, huge beach area. Also you should know about jellyfishes and protect yourself by wearing lycra and pans. North season has morning wind and South wind season starts in afternoon.

Pak Nam Pran

It’s a small kite village only 30 kilometers south from HuaHin. The wind directions, conditions and tides are same as HuaHin. The biggest advantage is that here not crowded and a lot of space for practicing and learning.  If you are looking for a quiet and authentic place surrounded with nature it’s definitely here. 

Season: November  — March.
Kite sizes: 12/15 meters.
Wind: North wind during November and December, South wind during January — March. 

Riding area & conditions: wave riding in the gulf, huge sandy beach, tides depends on the season.
Weather: 28°C -30°C all year around, water 26°C-27°C.
Wetsuits: forget about it!)

No wind activities: two wake parks, golf, tennis courts, horse riding, water parks.

Our kiteboarding school provides: IKO lessons, rent equipment, transfer organization.
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