Kenya Diani&Watamu

If you are searching for wild rustic place it’s Kenya! 

What amazed me in Kenya — it’s a super steady wind, just as I like, for progression new tricks. Kitesurfing in Kenya has famous places and hidden jems. 

The most popular place is Diani beach. Huge lagoon, turquoise water, a bit light wind conditions make it perfect for beginners! Here you will find a lot of kitesurfing centers, restaurants and nightlife.

Garoda beach

Another place is Watamu, here you can explore stronger wind than in Diani, big lagoon as well, but according to the wind direction and not so shallow water, this place is better for advanced riders. Here I found beautiful beach Garoda, low tide opens few small islands and creates super flat conditions for freestyle lovers! Watamu beach also know as Turtle Bay, so in the water you can spot a lot of turtles and if you are lucky maybe even a turtle hatchlings 🐢 


I left my heart in the hidden jem of Kenya the Jacaranda beach, amazing spot, strong wind, turquoise water, just a bit wild and still doesn’t spoiled by tourists. It’s one of the most beautiful places I saw and here I made most beautiful photos, highly recommended☝️ 


If you will go to Kenya’s I recommend you do some safari trip, even one/two days will be remembered. Kenya worldwide know for the best safari trips, ultimate national parks where you can see all kinds of the animals living their normal life. It’s an amazing experience, after that I will not go to the zoo. I was in Tsavo East park (very close to Watamu) and we was very lucky to see all kind of animals in this park, this trip made worth it all trip to Kenya!

Tsavo East National Park

Season: June-September and mid December- March.

Kite sizes: 10 and 12 meters.

Wind: side on shore, super steady!

Riding area & conditions: huge lagoon guarded by a reef, choppy water while high tides, flat in a low tides. Shallow and deep areas for begginers and independent riders.

Tides: 4 times per 24 hours depending on the moon.

No wind activities: best safari in the world, fishing the marlins, diving.

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