Muine & Phan Rang

Really strong wind, 80% wind statistic, cheap prices, exotic fruits 🍍, warm water….it’s all about kitesurfing in Vietnam 😍

Mui Ne known as an Asian’s premier kitesurfing location 🔝  You can easily get here from Ho Chi Minh by comfortable sleep bus, but be prepared for heavy traffic.
The most popular and known Mui Ne kitesurfing spot is Ham Tien — it’s a huge 10 kilometers beach with a dozen schools. And of course with a lot of students and beginners that wanna hit you in the water 😅, my advice is to kite there a lit bit away from the shore to prevent any problems and have enough space.
Wind direction is cross onshore, but the stronger wind, the rougher the water is 🌊 , so if you aren’t experience wave rider be careful with the passing the shore breaks, wait until big waves gone and go. Morning wind is light and suitable for beginners, from afternoon it’s getting stronger and it’s time for professionals.

Here a lot of marvelous hotels that amazed me by well groomed territory, greens and flowers everywhere 😍. Also a lot of street food and very popular food court where you can find all kind of cuisine!


Take a bike and ride with me to the second beach that called Malibu 😍. That proves its name with massive sandy area and smooth wind. Waves here can get pretty big but spaced with flat areas. Here you will find less schools and hotels and that’s why traffic is much better, and you can enjoy riding and relax.

And my next destination is Phan Rang 💙
That you can reach by car from Mui Ne in 3 hours enjoying landscapes and stunning serpentine.

So if you just like me didn’t know that in Vietnam there’s a flat spot you will be surprised! Here you can find few camps special made for kitesurfers all of them are outside of the town. You can find different accommodations from bungalows to tents, and if you need something really cheap than you can stay in the town.
Spot is super flat because it’s a lagoon fenced by reef, but it’s so shallow and that’s why very depends on tides 🧐,in a low tide you should walk (better use the shoes) till the end of the lagoon to kite in the ocean. It’s a very special place with some kitesurf romantic.

Season: main winter northeast wind November-April, summer southwest wind less reliable.
Kite sizes: 9-10 m (male), 7-8 meters (female).
Wind: average wind is 18-25 knots, often gust of 25+ knots.
Riding area & conditions: mostly ocean wave riding, but there is a flat water lagoon too 🙌
Weather: 28°C -30°C all year around, water 26°C-27°C.
Wetsuits: forget about it!)

No wind activities: it’s always windy 😅 but here you can find active nightlife, bars and restaurants, spa, massage.

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