Zanzibar Paje, Tanzania

Paje beach, Zanzibar

If you are searching a perfect place for kitesurfing I already found it — it’s paradise located at Paje beach on Zanzibar 🏝, Tanzania!

Unique with amazing views, unbelievable turquoise colour of the water that is always warm … plus shallow … plus it’s a lagoon protected by reef … plus the softest white sand that I ever walked….plus steady warm wind … I can continue nonstop 😁 

kitesurfing at Paje Zanzibar

If I would choose the place for start my kitesurfing path I would definitely come to Paje Zanzibar! But as I’m already kitesurfer I really like to learn here new tricks, the wind is so steady as it’s from hairdryer 😅 and the area is huge so everyone have a lot of space!

Here we have two main seasons 

  • From June till September — Kuzi winds from 20 knots in the morning and 25-28 in the afternoon 🙊
  • From December till March — Kaskazi winds more calm blowing from mornings till midday.
  • Water 27 degrees always 🙈 Air 30 degrees.
  • Wind side on shore.

As for me Paje is a World class spot for kitesurfing located by the side of the Indian Ocean with clouds from candy floss where is no worries and you felling happy and free.

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