Wave spot in Sharm el Sheikh

Did you know that we have wave spot in Sharm el Sheikh for real kitesurfing lovers? It called Musa Bay and located in Nabq National Park. In these part of Nabq National Park no reef, so waves creating by itself and in a strong wind waves can become more then 3 meters! Some people like

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Sharm el Sheikh & El Gouna

Sharm el Sheikh is famous touristic place due the sandy beaches, clear water, stunning coral reef and special relaxing atmosphere. Sharm fenced by two National Parks, from one side by Rad Mohammed and from another side by Nabq. The only one place in Sharm where wind blows constantly during the season is Nabq Bay that

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Muine & Phan Rang

Really strong wind, 80% wind statistic, cheap prices, exotic fruits 🍍, warm water….it’s all about kitesurfing in Vietnam 😍 Mui Ne known as an Asian’s premier kitesurfing location 🔝  You can easily get here from Ho Chi Minh by comfortable sleep bus, but be prepared for heavy traffic. The most popular and known Mui Ne

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HuaHin & Rayong Prasae

HuaHin If you are in Thailand you can try to catch the wind during the winter season (November — March) in Hua Hin. Hua Hin is urbanized town on the West coast of Siam gulf. It’s totally different from other touristic places in Thailand. Hua Hin known as light wind destination, so it’s a good

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Kalpitiya & Mannar

Sri Lanka is a pearl 💜of Indian Ocean that can surprise kitesurfing lovers. There are two very special ✨ windy places where I was — Kalpitiya and Mannar. KALPITIYA My trip started from this small village in the North Western part of Sri Lanka (3 hours drive from airport of Colombo), consist of 14 islands,

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Cumbuco & Taiba

Brazilian gems💎 If you are passionate kitesurfer addicted to wind and 💯% windy statistics you should visit Brazil 🇧🇷. Brazil has kitespots all over the coast. You will never get bored cause here you can find two options — butter flat water in the lagoons or wave riding in the ocean. Here I’ll write about

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