Lessons program

The program of our classes corresponds to the international IKO system and includes all the necessary exercises for effective and fast learning, but most importantly safe for you and others!

Day 1

Theoretical part on the beach: assessment of spot and wind direction, wind window, safety steps, self-rescue technique, kite set up .

Practical part: launching and landing the kite as an assistant, first piloting in the water, exploring the wind window with power strokes, piloting with one hand.

Day 2

Kite set up, independent launch from the water,body dragging with power strokes, one-handed bodydrag, bodydrag with board, landing kite on water.

Day 3

The first attempts to get on the board.

Next days

Working out on tacks, riding up wind, turns on the water (depending on the progress of the student)

Kitesurfing lessons
Kitesurfing lessons
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